Potential components of test suite

To create ConformanceTests you need a minimum of information

Test materials metadata

A test case must include:

and may also include

Be sure of what youíre testing

Whenever possible and sensible, write two test cases which differ by exactly the one thing youíre testing. The one not containing the feature or failure under test is the baseline. Only if the baseline works properly with a particular piece of software can you draw meaningful conclusions from the result of the actual feature/failure test case.

If you donít do this, you wonít know whether a failing test case is failing for reasons unrelated to the feature/failure under test.


I suggest that the tests be documented with respect to the expected results. For example, TitleConformanceTests is perfect: viewing the feed tells you what the expected result is. LinkConformanceTests, OTOH, gives me no idea of what the author expected to see when viewing the entry in a reader. For example, what does the author expect to see when viewing the second entry? If I display only the second link, do I pass? Do I need to display both links to pass? -- GordonWeakliem