Information on the number, location, content and context for responses


Responses can take the form of:

Open Questions

  1. How is threading handled? Should threading be handled at all? See Related for some discussion on threading

  2. Can a model for a response be generalized by making elements optional, or are the differences too great?

[DannyAyers RefactorOk] From working on threading stuff in the context of [WWW]ThreadsML, I've gained the impression that this is quite a significant task in its own right. There's a lot more than simple comments/replies to consider, e.g. see [WWW]IBIS. I would therefore recommend that if any support is provided in the current project then it be kept quite loose, so that external module(s) can be used to override/extend the definition of the entry-entry relationships.

[AsbjornUlsberg] +1. I agree with you, Danny. Keep it loose.

Comments v. Entries

IsaCommentAnEntry concluded that Comments are an Entry