Client Server Aggregator

I personally prefer the 3-paned reader over the browser aggregators, but I'm tired of being chained to a single PC in order to efficiently consume my feeds.

I suppose that one could make AmphetaDesk or RadioUserLand-like aggregators operate in a network transparent remoted environment, but as mentioned previously, I prefer the 3-paned reader approach and none that I have found supports network transparent separation of the user interface and back-end repository.

Is this an application implementation detail or is there a case for specifying aggregator functionality as a set of client and server APIs?

The functional requirements are:

Separating the user interface and back-end repository offers the most flexibility and would work in the case where a user wants to run the client and server on the same machine (after all this is in essence what the browser-based AmphetaDesk and RadioUserLand already implement).

Comments and suggestions

Comments, suggestions, and errata are welcomed. -- [CaS]