[WWW]Chump Bot

A bot that can run on IRC channels through which participants in the IRC channel can collaboratively blog. The bot recognises simple commands. An example of how useful it can be is the [WWW]RDF Interest Group IRC Scratchpad. This particular bot is set up to post any URIs typed at the start of the line onto the blog, occasionally leading to mishaps like that below.

Project info for the [WWW]Daily Chump

An example of how it works for #rdfig:

--> You are now talking on #rdfig
--- Topic for #rdfig is Semantic Web hack-n-chat
--- Topic for #rdfig set by DanC at Wed Jul  9 13:40:13
-dc_rdfig/#rdfig- B: from anselm
<anselm> whoops sorry wrong forum...
<bijan> I think you can delete that
<bijan> Would you like to?
<anselm> how?
<bijan> Try: B:""
<dajobe> nope
<dajobe> use B:=newurl
<bijan> Or don't
<anselm> b:"exuberance"
<anselm> B:""
-dc_rdfig/#rdfig- Added comment B1.
<anselm> hmmm.
<bijan> That's not what you wanted :)
<anselm> B:"":=
-dc_rdfig/#rdfig- Added comment B2.
<anselm> arg
<bijan> Do you want to chump
<bijan> In this forum?
<anselm> no
<anselm> i accidentally posted it to the wrong forum... 
<bijan> can i take over your entry?
<anselm> sure
<bijan> B:=
-dc_rdfig/#rdfig- Replaced URL of B.
<bijan> B1:""
-dc_rdfig/#rdfig- Deleted comment B1.
--> nym ( has joined #rdfig
<bijan> B:
-dc_rdfig/#rdfig- (1:anselm) "":=
<bijan> B1:""
-dc_rdfig/#rdfig- Deleted comment B1.
<bijan> B:|About Sesame's RDF I/O package
-dc_rdfig/#rdfig- Titled item B.
<anselm> thanx!
<anselm> :-)