Baby Duck Syndrome

This quaint term refers to the way baby ducks will "imprint" on the first entity they're exposed to for any length of time (be it a duck, a human, or whatever), and treat it as its mother. -- Linux Magazine, [WWW]When The Penguin Is Like A Duck

Anyway, how to explain the deep irrational devotion that many programmers have for their editors? The Baby Duck Syndrome. Back in the 1950s Konrad Lorenz first demonstrated [WWW]imprinting of baby ducks on who they think their mother is. Whatever they see at a certain critical early age is what they decide is mother and they will follow it around after that. Well, a lot of programmers have Baby Duck Syndrome and can't help themselves. -- Randall Parker, [WWW]Programming editors and the Baby Duck Syndrome

[MartinAtkins] I've shifted between several editors in my time. I guess that makes me a bad programmer. I'm sure not going to start to argue with that! :)

[AsbjornUlsberg] I'm using several editors at the same time. I must be insane. ;)

[TomasJogin] Right.