Atom community meeting

Date and Time


"The Meeting Room" 2nd floor, The Auditorium


  1. Get on route 101, North from San Jose or South from San Francisco

  2. Look for the Montague Expressway/San Tomas Parkway exit

  3. Take Montague Expressway East toward Agnew Center a couple of blocks

  4. Go most of the way over an overpass

  5. Turn left onto Lafayette St. (right exit, around, down, and right turn off ramp)

  6. You're now driving by the Sun campus. Turn right at the main entrance. The Auditorium is building #3 on the map linked below.

  7. Parking is available in the Clock Tower lot as well as along Palm Drive.


  1. Expectations of process & progress going forward (possibly/probably in the [WWW]IETF or [WWW]W3C)

  2. Discuss proposed [WWW]IETF WG charter (see [WWW]action item) and [WWW]W3C Working Group charter (see [WWW]action item)

  3. Editorial work to prepare Atom documents for standardization

  4. Discussion of one outstanding tech issue, namely multi-part non-textual postings

  5. Gather additional requirements for syntax and/or protocol.


I'll order in lunch since it's tough to get to the cafeteria from where we are. Please let me know about dietary restrictions by email.


This meeting is open to everybody who wants to help with the topics listed on the agenda. However, in order to attend, one must RSVP by listing your name below by Wednesday, 26 May, 2004


Live Notes