1. Atom Artwork

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Contribute your suggestions here, Place a note if something is obvious plagiarism.

  1. Atom Artwork
    1. General Selection and Design Criteria
    2. Our Logo Treatments
    3. Prior Art (sorry for the pun)
    4. Discuss

1.1. General Selection and Design Criteria

[JeremyGray] A few notes (and these are not specifically directed at your work, just general comments I happened to think of while writing):

1.2. Our Logo Treatments

[TimBray] I think there should be a textual version of the logo. Almost every font has U+00D8, O-stroke, Ý. So you'd write AtÝm. Or in HTML, AtØm, or Atøm. Downside: People from Denmark would make a horrible strangled sound when reading this phonetically.

[PhilWolff] Should we design version numbers into the Atom badge? Atom 1.0.

[ArveBersvendsen, RefactorOk] My suggestions for Atom Artwork.,,, and an antipixel-style button:, Valid Atom! -- please Note that hotlinking to these images from anywhere but this wiki is impossible. If you want to use them, download [WWW]the zip-bundle

[DeveloperDude, RefactorOk] I would avoid the Ellipse, which is present also in [WWW]Atomz logo.

[KenMacLeod, RefactorOk] The word "Atom" against a backdrop of a molecule -- how atoms fit together. Using a "blob" style of molecule diagram, rather than a spokes-n-atoms style. Like, but by somebody more graphically talented than I.

[AdamRice] Flinging this against the wall to see if it sticks. Still very rough--the "o" needs work to scale down well. I like the second one better.

It just occurred to me that I have unintentionally depicted the Lithium atom, which has some amusing overtones, given the history of The Syndication Format That Shall Remain Nameless.

[JeremyGray] As soon as the name Atom started to resonate on the Wiki I started to visualize Atom artwork (as I'm sure many others did). ArveBersvendsen beat me to putting some artwork together and posting it and got remarkably close to what I had in mind. I figured I would spend some time tonight working up my take on a set of Atom artwork. You'll notice that it is quite similar to the submissions from ArveBersvendsen, but perhaps with a bit more refinement and a few more options worked out. No "antipixel" version yet (must sleep), but I do have:

Each of which:

So, here we go: [WWW]Atom-Logotype-Large.gif [WWW]Atom-Logotype-Huge.gif [WWW]Atom-Mark-Large.gif [WWW]Atom-Mark-Huge.gif [WWW]Atom-VPowered-Logotype-Large.gif [WWW]Atom-VPowered-Logotype-Huge.gif

Oooh, look at the pretty [WWW]depth [WWW]of [WWW]field :)

I hope [JeremyGray] is able to share vector art (SVG?) and an antipixel badge.

[KevinLawver, RefactorOk] ]I'm no artist, but here's my attempt. It could have the text with it or without and I think the concept holds up:

1.3. Prior Art (sorry for the pun)

[WWW]Google picture search

Surfing for the visual use of Atom. [PhilWolff, RefactorOk]

1.4. Discuss

[NickChalko, RefactorOk] SVG version would be very nice, and make it easier to produce "correct" derivatives.

[JonathanSmith] Could anyone who worked on the project be able to buy a t-shirt?

[MarkPilgrim] The [WWW]Feed Validator needs a "Valid Atom" logo.

[MarkPilgrim] I would also like to see an Antipixel-style 80x15 "Atom Feed" logo, with a small icon of an atom and the word "FEED" in Silkscreen.

[SimonJessey] All the work Arve has done is brilliant. His examples should be given serious consideration.

[TomasJogin] Let's not get ahead of ourselves. Just throwing around logotypes left, right and center will leave us in the same stupid corner as the RSS "logo" is in; oblivion -- there are so many RSS logos that there is no RSS logo. Let's reach a consensus on the name first, and then a consensus on the logotype.

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