[PhilWolff] The ComponentBlog is the precursor to the AdaptiveBlogosphere.

The idea...

Hypothetical Consequences

Most people will still do plain old blogging, lucky if they use a title or main link.

Many will occasionally use a structure. Especially as Blog This buttons proliferate. So you can post an SAP invoice to your intranet blog, for example.

Others will find a few formats that tie in closely with a deep interest or passion, or their jobs. A runner's diary. A movie review. A project status report.

Enterprise applications will read components. So information will flow between the modestly structured blogosphere and the highly structured business infrastructure.


[DannyAyers] I like this idea. But then I would, it sounds like part of the [WWW]Semantic Web.

See also SyntaxExtensionMechanism

Original author: PhilWolff

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