It’s just data

HTMLifying and unHTMLifying

If you look around, you can find feeds with titles with escaped HTML markup, and content that is plain text.  However, your application may very well want plain text titles, and HTML content.  One of the basic premises of Atom is that such data will be unambiguously identified. extends with two methods toHtml and toString to handle such conversions.


Wx3pa part Deux

New code drop. Fixes:

Less Code

Thanks Mark, Joe, Simon.

I agree with Matt. I simply wanted to see what wxPython could do.


Mostly to get a feel for what development with wxWindows is like, I mocked up a three paned aggregator using ActivePython, wxPython, and Mark's ultra-liberal RSS parser.

I'm not sure what I am going to do with it now, but I've uploaded the source for others to marvel at and/or ridicule.