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A night club with a valid RSS 2.0 feed

Fellow Apache Member Jon Stevens, (yes, that Jon Stevens) has put together an RSS 2.0 feed for StudioZ.  It even validates.

I wonder how many other nightclubs can say that they do that?

I heard he was an asshole.

Posted by Dan Isaacs at

Dan, have you ever met him? I consider him a friend.

Posted by Sam Ruby at

Jamie Zawinski's can :) If you follow Jamie's blog, he's become quite enamored with RSS, and has even written a scraper called cheesegrater.

Posted by Justin Maurer at

No, I was kidding. I read the "Fans of Jon" page you linked to. Perhaps I should have stuck a smiley on there. :)

Posted by Dan Isaacs at

"I heard he was an asshole."

I know him, he's totally an asshole, the kind of asshole that writes code. How dare he.

Posted by Dave Winer at

Me, I'm just wondering whether he often participates in the 'Feeling Good Fitness aerobics class'. There's one upcoming on Monday - shouldn't we all go there and have a look? Jon working out must be a treat to the eye :-)

Posted by Steven Noels


Jon's a good guy. And he makes one hell of a sandwich.

Posted by Donovan Watts at

Sam, thanks for posting about my RSS feed. I admit that I did 'borrow' the idea from Jamie's RSS feed. I thought it would be cool to be one of the only two night clubs in the world (that I have found) who export an RSS is also cool since Jamie and I have clubs right down the street from each other so whatever we can do to bring more people to our area only helps the both of us. =) Yes, I consider you a great friend as well.

Steven, I have yet to appear and have no plans to appear in a Feeling Good Fitness class. =)

Donovan, I do hope to make some more Sandwiches soon. I'm glad you like them so much. Tee hee. =)

Posted by Jon Scott Stevens at

Oh yea, one more thing, since there is probably a lot of people who like Java that read this, please come to the next Java MEETUP. The last one was a lot of fun. =)

Posted by Jon Scott Stevens


Me - I wanna see:<ul>- playlists of the sets<br>- interactive music videos<br>- faces of all the hotties and stud muffins who attend (see<br>- some 'Hot or Bot' parties<br>- the unified 11th st. RAVErs association<br>- more sandwichs - (I didn't get any last time!)</ul>

Posted by Marc Canter


Wow! RemoteLounge is really cool. It looks like they even built some custom hardware to manage the picture taking. Nice!

Hey Marc, if you want to send me some of your millions, I would love to invest it in to do something cool like that for San Francisco. =)

Posted by Jon Scott Stevens at

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