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Microsoft lowers their standards

Either that or Peter Drayton just got his PhD in CompSci.  In any case, a very heart felt congratulations go out to Peter for landing his personal  Dream Job.

The implication of this post doesn't sound very good Sam. Peter is about as high quality as you can get - how does his entry in MS reflect their lowering of standards?

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I would classify Peter as both high quality and as a personal friend. Heck, I even bought him a soda at the DevCon west.

Note how I greeted the news that Don Box joined Microsoft.

If I wasn't so dang happy with my current job...

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He's joking Dilip. Peter and He are old friends.

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Thanks Dilip, but I'm sure Sam's joking. Either that or I need to pay him back for the soda. :-)

Given his involvement with this I'm actually hoping we get to hang out /more/.

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Sheeeesh!! that was embarassing. I mean, what was I thinking! how can 2 geeks ever be er, uh, at odds with each other?

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One year ago today...

Microsoft inhaled a blogger.  Now it looks like he is attempting to resurface...... [more]

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