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Dave Winer introduces a new XML format, guaranteed to make existing aggregators go Huh?

Perhaps I may use it when all other approaches have failed.  Meanwhile I have too much respect for my non-Radio readers to simply cut them off like that.

Meanwhile, I still advocate that people who run servers on behalf of weblog users consider adding support for HTTP level redirect.  Furthermore, that people who are thinking about creating a weblog consider this in chosing their server.

Sam, that's why I called it a bootstrap.

My guess is that several other aggregators will support it shortly.

It's necessary and sufficient, and as easy as it possibly can be for content people, and still understandable to people who are immersed in the minutia of the W3C process. In other words, it works. Why not withdraw your objections, accept it, and support it.

We have bigger fish to fry Sam. You do too, imho.

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OK, I'm an end user kinda guy, not a developer, but I do produce and consume RSS feeds. What is wrong with just having an element or attribute that says, "This is my URL." If there is an HTTP redirect, great, the URLs will match. If not, fine, the aggregator will know where to look next time.

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Bruce, I thought so too. This lead to a lengthy discussion.

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The RSS hotlist: quantity vs. quality

For several months now, I’ve been trying to move people from my old RSS feed to my new one. According to today’s RSS hot list, there are 251 subscribers to the new feed (rank 48), and 145 to the old (rank 77). In theory, if everyone moved over, that...

Excerpt from Jon Udell: RSS at

Wow. That’s got to be the slowest trackback of all time.

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