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As we enter the final quarter of the year, I'd like to suggest that people who have my 0101679 site on their blogroll or have subscribed to my 0101679 feed consider updating to point to my intertwingly site and feed.  I've been doing this migration slowly and carefully with due consideration to all those who chose to visit here.  Just be aware that at some point (probably the end of the year) the 0101679 site will no longer be updated.

0101679 is, ah, broken, with two macro errs.

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The more important one is fixed now, thanks to a quick response by Lawrence Lee of Userland.

I believe that the other one is due to Shelley removal of her RSS feed not being handled well by Jon's macros. He posted a fix recently that I haven't looked into.

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Fade to white. Despite my pleas, the number of subscribers to my radio feed is actually increasing. I don't want to force when everybody switches their subscriptions over to intertwingly, but perhaps a little good old fashioned social engineering...

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