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Nocturnal visitor

opossum Look what I saw last night hiding under my kid's little tikes picnic bench...  My daughter thinks he's cute.  My wife calls it a "rat".  It actually is a Didelphis virginiana.

Odd... Internet explorer doesn't seem to display the jpeg (but does seem to recognize the link). Mozilla displays this fine... perhaps IE has a CSS bug?

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It's actually a marsupial, same family as the kangaroo and bandicoot. They're very good at pest control and 'removing' dead critters, so to speak.

I've always been a been fond of them, myself.

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Looks like I found an incantation which works in both IE and Mozilla.

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Aye, it looks kinda... cute.

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This looks just like a picture from our house. We have a similar picnic table and used to see possums out on our deck. They lived under our deck and we were worried about damage from their burrowing. We borrowed a trap, caught one, let it out in a nice place in the country, caught another and let it out in the same place. The trap was a wire box with a pedal at the far end. Hand food from a string over the pedal, the creature steps on the pedal, closes the door and traps it without hurting it.

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Nooks and crannies

Possumupdate:Marshmallowsare unceremoniously dumped from the bowl and completely ignored.Bananas are sniffed and nibbled, and then ignored.English muffins are priceless jewels which are instantly whisked away to parts unknown and savored at leisure.... [more]

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Another nocturnal visitor

We seem to have another nocturnal visitor.... [more]

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Seen one of those on my porch too. Watch out though--they can be vicious. Not something for the kids to encounter for sure.

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I raise two possums as pets which I go around to schools and educate kids on not to kill them and show them they mean no harm.They are very cute.

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Meet Allie

From  Second Chance Pet Adoptions:  >  Allie is a wonderful girl...she is still a bit shy in new situations, but loves to play. She was the first of the group to play with toys, and has been a bit of a loner since. She does... [more]

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