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Automating human contact

0xDECAFBAD: The irony in my life is that, with my lack of much free time, automated agents, aggregators, and weblogs have given me more personal contact with human beings than I might have been able to achieve without them.  Ditto. 

In many ways, referrer logs already closed the loop.  And is the perfect example of a spam magnet that has not melted down yet.

By the way, if all goes according to plan, the trackback for this blog entry should happen without any human intervention.

No, it looks like the real irony is that I busted 0xDECAFBAD.


Posted by Sam Ruby at

Actually, you helped me find a nasty problem in my weblog. :) Hint: If you happen to use PHP in your Movable Type pages, use Brad Choate's MT Regex plugin to filter out all instances of <? and ?>. :)

Posted by l.m.orchard at

Like this, perhaps? ;-)

<?xml version="1.0"?>

I take a different approach, namely by doing the following mappings:


Posted by Sam Ruby at

Well, I was trying to find a way to allow some HTML, without filtering out all the angle brackets. I think I have a new MT plugin hacked up though...

Posted by l.m.orchard at

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