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Rogers Switches!

Rogers Cadenhead: My weblog’s Atom 1.0 feed is now online. As an experiment, I’m routing all RSS requests to this feed.  I’m curious about whether aggregators can handle that. The RSS 2.0 code’s still around so I can offer both, but I’d prefer to offer a feed in one format so I avoid the need to debug two.

I’m following Rogers' lead, and have done the same with my remaining feeds.

If you could use absolute URI’s in your feed, that would sure help a lot (I use Sage for Firefox, which creates a local file on my disk; relative URI’s, therefore, are relative to my C: drive :/ ).

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I have to second the request for absolute URIs. Newsgator Inbox (integrated with Outlook) doesn’t seem to like your relative URIs. I’ll put in a bug to the Newsgator folks, but maybe right now it would be better to use the absolute version.

Posted by Brian Vallelunga at

I would go complain to the Sage and Newsgator developers that their Atom implementations aren’t up to spec.  Atom explicitly allows for the use of relative URI’s.  It’s the feed readers responsibility to handle them properly.

Posted by James Snell at

Did you just recently change to relative URIs?  NetNewsWire doesn’t like them, but they seemed to work when you broke the internets the other day (and I was using Atom then).

I assume NNW is choking on the link element <link href="/blog/"/> because it’s trying to make links /blog/blog/2006...

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This qualifies as hell freezing over.

Funny story, vaguely related: I was at FOO Camp last fall, and struck up a conversation with someone who (1) was familiar with the Syndication Wars, and (2) had been a regular reader of my blog in its day.  He asked if there were any circumstances under which I would resume blogging.  I replied — I am not making this up — “when hell freezes over, or Cadenhead switches to Atom.”

Posted by Mark at

Mark, I immediately switched over to but alas! No new post :(

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It’s an issue with Sam not specifying xml:base mostly.  Most feed readers don’t correctly use the feed’s url as the base value when xml:base is omitted.  NNW included.  Out of curiosity, which feed readers actually do support relative urls when xml:base is left out?  I know FeedTools and the UFP do, but most of the others I tried got confused in one way or another.

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Same here. Bloglines doesnt like Relative URI. I think its the time for me to move to Google Reader.

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Bob Aman: which feed readers actually do support relative urls when xml:base is left out?

The ones that worked in my tests: JetBrains Omea, RSSOwl, Snarfer, and Thunderbird (out of 16). Of those, only Snarfer and Thunderbird got it right if the feed redirected. And if the feed has a Content-Location header, only Snarfer got it right.

Posted by James Holderness at

I suppose I should add that JetBrains Omea and RSSOwl still won’t work with Sam’s feed because they don’t seem to support relative URIs in link elements.

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So Mark, are you a man of your word or not?

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LiveJournal’s friends page aggregator doesn’t support the relative urls either.

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As a general rule, I have no sympathy for developers who can’t be bothered to write code I’ve already written.  It’s not like there aren’t lots of conformance tests.  Lots of people have written code that passes them.  I say Sam should keep the relative links.  But then, I’m an asshole.  I also supported Drunkenbatman posting an image on his home page that crashed Safari.  (DO NOT CLICK THAT LINK IN SAFARI.)  So in the grand scheme of things, posting some spec-compliant-but-practically-broken links isn’t really that bad.

Posted by Mark at

Wow!  Even Planet Atom starts rummaging through the local drive in order to find Sam’s entries!

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So Mark, are you a man of your word or not?

Someday, perhaps.  But not today.

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Sam Ruby: Rogers Switches!


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This qualifies as hell freezing over.

I finally decided to take the road less aggravating.

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<grumble>... I need to hurry up and get SporkFed into a usable state then, if we’re going to be “assholes” and keep omitting xml:base.  This NNW brokenness business is going to get annoying fast.  It’s kinda annoying that I’ve written this library that works well but since it’s still just a library, I don’t really actually benefit from it yet.

Posted by Bob Aman at

The Sage RSS reader extension for firefox is unable to discover your atom feed, and chokes silently on a manually configured feed.

Posted by Dave Smith at

I was trying to figure out if I’d introduced a bug in RSS Bandit to make your comment count and inline comments disappear. Instead, it seems you have made your feed less useful as part of the fallout of yet another iteration of the eternal pissing match which is the XML syndication wars.


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Dare, is this is your way of saying that you don’t intend to support the Feed Thread Extension?  I’d think that you would be on the watch for it.

Posted by Sam Ruby at

If you were really hard core, you would check out the API Manager plugin from subversion at, install it Movable Type and presto, get Thread support just like that.

Posted by Byrne Reese at

Sam, is this your way of saying that you do intend to support the Feed Thread Extension? ;-)

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James, so far, I have only modest beginnings, each entry in index.atom contains a link with rel="replies" specifying the Atom feed for that entry, the current number of comments, and the datetime of the latest comment on that entry (if any).

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Wise Men Once Say

Mark Pilgrim: "Great! Before you know it, you’ll narrow your vision enough that you’ll never be exposed to anyone who......

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That’s great Sam. I just checked your main comment feed and figured you hadn’t done anything yet. Maybe now that you’re supporting it I might be more inspired to finish implementing it in my aggregator.

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Trusty User

A little later I’ll have a post indirectly related to my current work effort. Some has to be kept confidential but part of what we’re developing is work that will be released to the world at large, and that’s what I’ll be writing about. In the...

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Maybe now that you’re supporting it I might be more inspired to finish implementing it in my aggregator.

Any hope for an Ubuntu version of Snarfer?

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Sam Ruby: Rogers Switches!

in the comments, Mark Pilgrim said: ‘He asked if there were any circumstances under which I would resume blogging. I replied — I am not making this up — “when hell freezes over, or Cadenhead switches to Atom.”’ (my thought: :-) :-))...

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Feeds come, feeds go ...... [more]

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Any hope for an Ubuntu version of Snarfer?

I’d love to be able to say yes, but it seems unlikely. The last project I worked on was carefully designed from the outset to be easily portable. Most of the base code was compilable with gcc under Linux and the GUI stuff was neatly encapsulated. I had fully intended that we port to Mac OS, OS/2, and any number of variations of Unix/Linux when we got the chance. The project turned out to be highly successful and eventually sold out for a tidy sum, but you know how many ports we did in the years we were developing it? Zip. Zero. Nil. Nada.

Tragic really, but that’s the reality of the situation. You never know what might happen, but I’m not going to hold my breath this time around.

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Raleigh bloggers meetup tonight at Cafe Cyclo

As Josh points out, a US congressman showed up at our last meetup. Which local blognitary could it be this time? John Edwards? Maybe Mark Pilgrim will appear to announce his return to blogging. Or maybe it’ll be Dr. Jim Goodnight, who’ll ask how to...

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Pointless Reinvention of the Wheel

... [more]

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Look who came in from the cold

Tim Bishop at Geodog spotted the new post at Mark Pilgrim’s weblog. It’s all about bathin' the baby. I personally liked the Beta patch in the corner--very 2.0. Whether Mark is continuing the weblog is hard to say. According to Mark in discussion at...

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After the bath

zomg! Mark Pilgrim is blogging again!. Might have something to do with this. [Via]...

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First, I verified that the  RSS 0.91 spec is more honored in the breach than the observance.  Then  I switched exclusively to Atom 1.0. Time to  destroy the internets again.  But only for those Aggregators with an 'X" in column four in this table.  ... [more]

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Some news

First, Mark Pilgrim is blogging again. He said he’d return when hell froze over or Rogers switched to Atom. Fortunately for is, hell froze over (i.e. Bootcamp) and Rogers made the switch.Second, Microsoft has kindly answered my questions about the...

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Final Answer

Theory: Perhaps it is because your server is returning a 302 a.k.a. a temporary redirect.  This means that consumers will continue to fetch the original address, and then follow the redirect.  Each time. Despite having coded a permanent redirect over... [more]

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Yep, Still Gone

410  Just over a year ago, I permanently redirected all my feeds their Atom 1.0 equivalents.  Several months later, I quietly converted all those redirects to 410 Gone. Checking back to see how effective this has been, here is a list of... [more]

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410 Still Gone

Sam Ruby has been responding to RSS requests  with permanent redirects and gone statuses for a year . It appears nobody is listening. My Rmail code worked. Hundreds of Google Reader users are being denied Sam’s wit. Anybody working at Google...

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