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Taming the wild, wild web

Bill McCoy: EPUB in effect takes the Wild, Wild Web and tames it. EPUB for example requires use of the XML serialization of HTML5 (XHTML5), rather than “Tag Soup” aka “Street” HTML. This means that EPUB content, unlike arbitrary web pages, can be reliably created and manipulated with XML tool chains. EPUB defined Reading System conformance more tightly than HTML5 defines for browser User Agents, pinning down things that are under-specified in the union of W3C standards. [via Patrick Mueller]

You might find glazou’s “epub fun” series of posts amusing. e.g. [link]

Posted by Edward O'Connor at

As someone who has written a validatator that validates what amounts to that same thing, I’m curious as to why Daniel states that it is quite painful and costly to test.

That being said, using namespaces in attribute values is generally thought to be a layering violation, and a bad idea for many other reasons.

Posted by Sam Ruby at

Where does EPUB use namespaces in attribute values? It seems to me it uses things that look like qNames in content but aren’t.

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