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37Signals: Much has been written about the usability and reliability problems facing OpenID. Some of the better ones are OpenID Is A Nightmare by Rob Conery and the What’s wrong with OpenID? thread on Quora. No need to repeat all that here.

At 37signals, we love OpenID. We support it in Basecamp, Highrise, and Backpack and have integrated all these applications through OpenID with our OpenBar. Our users seem to love it too. One in ten Highrise users is running with OpenID. – [link] 37Signals in January 2008

So the users love it.

What we’ve learned over the past three years is that it didn’t actually make anything any simpler for the vast majority of our customers. Instead it just made things harder. Especially when people were having problems with the often flaky OpenID providers and couldn’t log into their account. OpenID has been a burden on support since the day it was launched. 37 Signals in January 2011

The support team hated it.

I guess, as often, a new technology seems appealing to geeks who create it and advanced users but then when it becomes something slightly broader, it fails the test of simple usability or even understanding. The unintended consequences of managing it too. We have to be careful with what we think is simpler.

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As a geeky user, I really like OpenID.  It’s especially convenient when commenting on sites such as this one.  But I wouldn’t dare try explaining it to my family.  They just wouldn’t get it.  I’m not at all surprised that 37Signals' support team hates it.

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Re: Par curiosité...

Bon, ça confirme bien ce que je pensais : OpenID est mort et plus personne ne l’utilise. Du coup, je ne vais pas l’implémenter sur et je ferme donc cette entrée. À voir à ce sujet :...

Excerpt from : les commentaires pour support de OpenID at

Re: C'est quoi le problème OpenID

[link] est un point de départ pour comprendre l'échec d’OpenID....

Excerpt from : les commentaires pour État des lieux d'un internet décentralisé at

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