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Wii Fit Plus

I just completed my second year with my Wii Fit.  I started out at 203 pounds, and by the completion of the first year I was below 180.

For the duration of the second year, I have kept my weight strictly in a range of 180±3.  That includes weekends, holidays, ... the works.  I accomplished this with 10 minutes a day exercise plus once a week going to the gym or doing an equivalent workout, but mostly by doing The Line Diet, in this case a horizontal line.

Along the way, I bought the Wii Fit Plus software (a minor but worthy upgrade), and got a physical (my doctor was pleased).  While my weight didn’t go down in absolute terms, the only measurement I track did: my waist went from 34" in 2008 to 33" in 2007 to 32" now.  Rings that were once tight now are loose.  Shoes that once fit have had to be replaced.

For comparison, on Atkins, I got to a lower absolute weight, but never down to these measurements.  That, and I didn’t find Atkins sustainable for me.

As to that 3 piece suit that I wore 30 years ago, it now is wearable.  It would fit better except that I seem to have grown a bit in the upper chest.  As us programmers would say, that’s not a bug, but a feature.

Two years with Wii Fit

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