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ie8 vs intertwingly

Dean Hachamovitch: Internet Explorer is focused on how real people use the Web

I always suspected this was the case, but I guess that confirms it:  I’m not a real person.

Screenshot: Intertwingly on IE8.

To be fair, that’s actually better than versions of IE before it, but it still indents subsequent posts under the first one.  I do have an experimental site built on rails that works around this (screenshot).  It also lets JQuery deal with the differences in DOM conformance, enabling such features as date localization and putting the navigation bar where it belongs to work in IE too.  The big change is not to have any self-closing svg tags, such as <path/>.

So the question is: whether I back port that now to Python, complete the movement to Rails, or simply sit tight for a bit.

The question is how long do you sit? Another 2.5 years for IE9? I was never quite sure why your rails site was experimental for so long - following Google’s lead on the prolonged beta?

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/shane: Sam Ruby turns down MS; declared non-person

In a stunning move of corporate hubris, a MS spokesperson has declared Sam Ruby is “not a real person“. Could this be retribution for Mr. Ruby’s refusal of their recent job offer, even though “it was generous financially“? Or are consipracy...

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The question is how long do you sit?

Yes thats the point. A guy who is writing books about the ruby programming language should not have a python powered website.

On the other hand, as far as i remember you have a Microsoft job offer. I would sit. MS loves people who keep at it.

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What??? A guy who writes books about Ruby programming has every right to have a blog written in any language/platform he/she wishes. Lots of Rails/Ruby people use Wordpress, some use Drupal, Joomla, etc.

Writing your own blog may be a rite-of-passage, but it’s hardly a sin to have a Python-powered blog.

Is Sam only allowed to use an OS that is written in Ruby?

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