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CouchDB @ ASF

I’m pleased to have been the one to announce that CouchDB has been accepted for incubation by the Apache Software Foundation.

Meanwhile, James Snell isn’t waiting - he has already started integrating CouchDB with Abdera.  I’ve been unable to reproduce his results, but all that  confirms at this point is that the Abdera integration is still in the “some assembly required” stage.

Even so, the ease with which a Ruby client (or a Python one) can be wired up to a Java middle tier talking to a Erlang back end using only HTTP, Atom, and JSON is a testament to the power of these simple protocols and formats.

Of course the real power will come in when Abdera doesn’t merely use CouchDB as a dumb but reliable file store, and actually starts to leverage views to extract data be it in microformats or extensions.