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SVG Shiv

Chris Wilson: I want to jam standards support into (this and future versions of) Internet Explorer. If a shiv is the only pragmatic tool I can use to do so, shouldn’t I be using it?

Sjoerd’s revelation can be applied to build on the prior work in this area.  The result is this page which is valid HTML5, displays natively on standards compliant browsers such as Firefox, Safari, and Opera; and will display the same image on existing IE browsers that happen to have the Silverlight plugin installed.

You see, I believe that Microsoft’s strategy is sound.  Stall, stall, stall, and generate demand, demand, demand.

But if the scripts and stylesheets were built using versioned URLs, perhaps the load could be something the W3C could find a way to support.  Perhaps Ian's employer could also kick in.  Once loaded, these resources would never need to be fetched again, or at least not until they are updated or if the client’s browser cache is completely flushed.

Now, in terms of generating demand, here’s a thought.  Wikipedia is a site with a policy that encourages SVG.  What would happen if Silverlight happened to get ubiquitous amongst IE users and performance of displaying inline SVG in wikipedia pages on IE was adequate?