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Full Text Search — SQLite

SQLite is part of android and gears.  Despite being under development for over a year, and part of an actively developed code base, and included in gears, full text search isn’t integrated into the build system just yet.  Because of its non-standard “virtual” tables, it can’t be used directly with encasulation layers like Python DB-API, but can be used directly using minimal wrappers like APSW.  Such a build also requires some manual steps, but the end result is a single shared library that contains SQLite, FTS, and APSW.

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[from sogrady] Sam Ruby: Full Text Search — SQLite

i know a lot of people that are likely to be interested in this...

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Perhaps you could consider using the
SQLite amalgamation.
The amalgamation is a single large source code file that
contains the entire SQLite implementation, and (as of
version 3.5.3) the Full-text search engine.  You have a
single file to compile (sqlite3.c) which contains everything
you need.  If you compile this one file into whatever form
of library you need, and you use the -DSQLITE_ENABLE_FTS3=1
option, then you will end up with a version of SQLite that
contains full-text search built-in and which is therefore
usable from the DB-API or whatever interface wrapper
you normally use.

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I did take a look at that, but it wasn’t documented in the README, didn’t look like it included the extensions (and now, looking at it again, only appears to declare and call extern int sqlite3Fts3Init).

Looking at the wiki and at the source, it isn’t obvious what is now supposed to work vs what was once thought to be promising and now has been discarded.

Meanwhile, I’ve exploring other areas — like discovering that the suggestions on how to join full text data make deletions “interesting” particularly given the aspects of SQL which are unsupported, and vacuuming downright dangerous.

But I’m making progress.  In a day or two I should have something to show for it.

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[from tomslee] Sam Ruby: Full Text Search — SQLite


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