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Coercing SVG to W3C Profile

Jaques Distler: Using that local copy of the W3C Validator means we need to adhere to the rather lame restrictions of the XHTML+MathML+SVG DTD

Perhaps this might help.



That was quick.

This code eats unknown namespace declarations.  In most cases, this should be caught downstream.  If this is a concern, a die if... statement or two might be in order.

The MT::Sanitize routine will eat unknown namespace declarations, too, so that’s not a big deal.

In my case, however, is a known namespace.

Unfortunately, this also precludes the fixing up of comments that contain references to XHTML entity definitions other than the ones predefined by XML itself.

That’s what MathML::Entities is for. One just needs to ensure that that filter is applied before this one.

Anyway, it’ll take me a while to roll this into MovableType. But thank you!

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In my case, however, is a known namespace.

Add this to xmlSerialize:

$element .= " xmlns=\"${\MATHMLNS}\"" 
  if $element eq 'math' && $expat->namespace($element) eq MATHMLNS;
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SVG Comments

Kicking it up a notch....

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SVG Redux

Announcing the SVGfix plugin....

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