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Lever of Archimedes

Shelley Powers: I believe that web pages and applications can be both valid and accessible, and still make use of advanced graphics techniques as well as scripted effects. The key, though, is finding ways of communicating all of this to people who aren’t so-called experts, so that everyone can benefit from advances made in specifications–not just the hackers.

If but a even a small portion of the work that Shelley is doing were to make it into WordPress 3.0, it could have more impact than the W3C, IMHO.

Update: Karl Dubost: Easy trash talking, my head bangs on the keyboard. It's like comparing physics law and their implementation in cars.

W3C specs are not laws of physics, they are more like infomercials.

Why is this page served as text/html?

From the cited link:

But due to the significant legacy of Web content that is some variant of HTML, traditional browser vendors moved slowly to adopt XHTML.

W3C specs need more exemplars.