It’s just data


Morten Frederiksen: I wanted to be able to subscribe to the changes in a Bazaar branch.  Starting out with Sam’s tarify.cgi and Joe Gregorio’s sparklines as working examples I have managed to create a simple Python-script for generating an Atom feed: bzr-feed. You can of course subscribe to the changes!


I’ll definitely be deploying this for Venus.  But first I want to think a bit about what values make sense for link, and I want to put in some sort of cap on the number of entries in the feed.

Update: Venus now has a feed.

To make this happen, I had to make a few small changes (diff, branch), mostly to enable me to run this from the command line as bzr isn't installed on CornerHost.

export SERVER_PORT=80
export REQUEST_URI=/code/venus/index.atom
python bzr-feed/ dir=venus > /home/rubys/planet/code/venus/index.atom