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It occurred to me that supporting XPath addresses the 20% side of the 80/20 rule, but that is easy enough to rectify: here is a more general planet intertwingly query page.

It needs a little bit of cleanup (at the moment, there are some hardcoded strings that need to be configurable) and testing on more browsers before it can be committed as a standard add-on to Venus.


FWIW, I’ve found it helpful to offer picklists of sample queries to help people get past the “blank slate” problem.

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I’ve found it helpful to offer picklists of sample queries

It isn’t clear to me what you are recommending.  The query page contains three examples, and judging by my server logs, many have simply copy/paste these into the query and push submit.

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I’ve had a Google custom search for Planet Mozilla for a couple months now, but never got around to creating one for Planet Intertwingly.  Seeing this post encouraged me to do so.

Venus' search is a bit better at finding “fresh” info ( Venus search - Google search ), but Google seems to bring more relevant results to the top ( Venus search - Google search )

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Sam Ruby: Searchable Planet

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Sam Ruby: Searchable Planet


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