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WordPress and Atom 1.0

Matt Mullenweg: if someone from the Atom community would be willing to send in a working and vetted feed template, I can put it in to trunk immediately

Here’s 1, 2, and 3 to pick from.  I’m sure there’s more.

Pick one. Tell me what you like/don’t like about it, and I will personally fix it.  I’ll even make sure it validates.

Update: Changeset 4803 has been posted!  Looks good!

Wordpress 2.1 and still no ATOM 1.0?

I was very surprised to see ATOM 1.0 did not make it into Wordpress 2.1, especially considering I installed a third party implementation months ago (can’t remember from who at this stage) . Sam points the guys to plenty of implementations. All...

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Amazingly, this is exactly what I’m looking for right now, especially for the comments feed. I’m starting an application that will heavily rely on it.

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Was “Pick one” for me or your readers? If it’s for me, as long as the PHP version and code license is compatible with WP, and the output gets the Sam Stamp of Approval, then it’s fine by me. A new patch on that Trac ticket is fine.

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Matt: Feel free to take my templates if you’d like. I agree to license 'em using whatever license you need to make it work.  You don’t even have to give credit; just seeing Atom 1.0 support finally make it into WP will be credit enough.

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WordPress et Atom 1.0

Joe Gregorio ironise sur le support du format de syndication Atom dans WordPress. Matt Mullenweg tente de plaider non coupable, mais il se fait épingler dans la foulée par Sam Ruby. Eh oui... On ne plaisante pas avec ces choses là ! :-) En tout...

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Was “Pick one” for me or your readers?

You.  What I am looking for is a reassessment of this status from over a year ago.  Specifically:

Finally, I’m actively interested in discouraging any notion of a “Sam Stamp of Approval”, as such notions are the basis for other feed formats.

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Sam Ruby offers to fix Atom 1.0 in wordpress


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What I am looking for is

Alternately, assigning this ticket to Elias would address things quite satisfactorily.

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So last night I checked everything in for the main Atom feed, which means anything that uses our feed API in WP can now produce Atom 1.0, that I believe is valid. Sorry I forgot to comment here. That bug is now closed, and new ones can be opened for any mistakes or shortcomings in the implementation.

I’d also love some feedback on our APP implementation, we’ve had trouble finding clients to test it with.

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Matt, if you scroll to the top, you will see that I had already noticed.  Your feed validates! Much appreciated!  As more people deploy, I’ll keep a watch out for corner cases like Unicode characters in feed titles and the like.  Also, as an alternative to this idea, you might consider allowing people to indicate when an update is significant, allowing updated and published times to differ.  You can look at my feed for examples (in fact, this very post is a good example).

Joe and Tim have Atom Protocol Exercisers, and James is wondering if people would be interested in an face-to-face interop event.

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Good news on Atom 1.0 in WordPress

Good news from Matt: So last night I checked everything in for the main Atom feed, which means anything that uses our feed API in WP can now produce Atom 1.0...

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For situations where the weblog has no subtitle or an author has no URL, the feed is invalid as these items are unilaterally present but blank in the generated feed.

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[from wearehugh] Re: WordPress and Atom 1.0

Matt confirms that Atom 1.0 support will be in Wordpress 2.1 + 1...

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Re: WordPress and Atom 1.0

wearehugh : Re: WordPress and Atom 1.0 - Matt confirms that Atom 1.0 support will be in Wordpress 2.1 + 1 Tags : atom wordpress...

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Good news

Lots of good news and stuff to blog this past week including the Sun makes a profit story, the Sun-Intel deal and more. I really like reading news like this Amid Profit, Brighter Days for Sun and this Sun turns profit after five quarters in red. And...

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I’ve been out of the loop for a while on this whole process, but this is exciting!  I can’t wait to get this fired up on my WP blogs!  Woohooo!

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WordPress 2.2 Source Code Worth $1 Million!

And the community is priceless! I recently ran David A. Wheeler’s SLOCCount to find out that WordPress has ~ 29,853 lines of PHP (SLOCCount does not recognize JavaScript). Part of the output is Total Estimated Cost to Develop = $ 955,826...

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