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Date Precision

Martin Fowler: Another issue might be that my entries are sorted by time with other peoples' when they are aggregated, but again I don’t see how anyone suffers.

Want a concrete scenario?  OK, here’s one.  I’ve added your bliki feed to Planet Intertwingly.  That page strictly sorts entries from a large number of Atom 1.0 feeds based on the indicated updated date.  I often check that page a number of times a day, and each time tend to scan down to the point where I finished reading before.  By effectively predating your entries, they may get inserted “past the fold” and overlooked.

The way to “convert” a valid RSS 0.91 feed into a valid RSS 2.0 feed is to simply change the version number, however I seriously doubt that anybody who had a problem with your RSS 0.91 feed would suddenly be able to make use of your “upgraded” RSS 2.0 feed.  What they probably really wanted was ids and/or dates.

Update: Martin has now recognized this as a valid use case and updated both his post and his feed.