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One-way Discovery


Bloglines Team: Viewing an RSS-capable page that you want to subscribe to? Just click on the big orange RSS button in your Firefox toolbar. You’ll be automatically subscribed to it as a Bloglines feed.

Except on Bloglines hosted weblogs, like Sanjiva’s.  Of course, there is both a button and a subscribe link for subscribing using Bloglines, but how do you subscribe using any other consumer?

Just for grins, I tried creating a blog, populating every field I could find with the string Iñtërnâtiônàlizætiøn and <blink> tags just to see what would come out the other side, and this is the feed that was produced, and here is how it renders in Bloglines.

I continue to be deeply grateful for the fact that Bloglines has invested the time to consume Atom 1.0 feeds faithfully.  Perhaps it is time to start producing feeds that others can both readily discover and correctly consume?