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REST Web Services

Leonard Richardson: I’m writing a new book and it’s called REST Web Services. It will be be the only book of its kind, and everyone should buy it who writes computer programs that work over the web

That’s hilarious.

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Wow, it’s been awhile since I’ve seen comment spam here.

I like his writing style, and I’ll have to buy the book, just to see how close I’ve come to what he’s going to say.

Things I’m interested in hearing more about:

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Oh, and my vote is to leave the “with Ruby” off the end of the title.  Don’t do anything that would cause people to assume that the subject matter is Ruby-specific.

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REST Web Services and ROA

REST Web Services , a book in progress by Leonard Richardson and Sam Ruby piqued my interest yesterday.... [more]

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REST Web Services: The Book

So it looks like Leonard Richardson (who I just barely managed to avoid working with at CollabNet, as he left just before I started) and Sam Ruby are working on a book about REST Web Services (and FWIW, I think......

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REST Web Services and ROA

REST Web Services, a book in progress by Leonard Richardson and Sam Ruby piqued my interest yesterday. From the introduction:"We want to restore the World Wide Web to its rightful place as a respected architecture for distributed...

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REST Web Services, the Book

Sam Ruby and Leonard Richardson are writing a book on REST Web services. Very exciting. I love reading Sam’s blog and watching him untangle standards.

Looking at the Table of Contents, I’m particularly interested in "Appendix A: HTTP status codes an...

... [more]

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[from leonardr] Sam Ruby: REST Web Services

Sam’s original announcement...

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This is quoted from the post by Leonard Richardson ([link])
“The answer is that "Web Services” aren’t the web. They’re a heavyweight architecture for distributed object access, like COM and CORBA"

Isn’t this a bit misleading. Web Services is NOT a distributed object architecture.
WS is not object centric and has no notion of an object reference or distributed garbage collection.
So it is wrong to say like CORBA or COM

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