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OSCON Favorite

This year’s OSCON set a new high bar.  In fact, it is aging fairly well.  It has gone from a Perl centric conference which deigned to tolerate a few lesser languages to a Mecca where all things Open Source can interact.  And whereas last year, it felt like we were rattling around the Portland Convention Center, this year the same location felt much more comfortable.

Yes, R0ml rocked, Damien was entertaining, and meeting people too numerous to mention were all key factors, my favorite presentation was by Rasmus Lerdorf.  Rasmus’s pitch was a bit of bait and switch.  Billed alternately as a Web 2.0 pitch, and one on how to get “rich” on the Internet (with a dual meaning of both cash and more fully featured UI), the net of the presentation is that all that is meaningless unless you can scale, and in order to scale, you need to tools that help you to understand and see through all the abstractions.

Niall has the details

Speaking of conferences... any chance you’ll be heading to RailsConf Europe? I’ve always wanted to sit down and talk shop with you for a bit. Besides, I think most of your readers feel your content deserves a free beer in return at the very least.


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Christian, it is definitely on my radar, to be honest, at this point I would say that it is only about 30% likely that I make it to that conference.  I wish it weren’t during the school year.

P.S.  Not that it is relevant to this decision, but I’ve never quite acquired a taste for beer.

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That’s too bad for me, looks like you’ll remain on my list a bit longer. /beer/:favorite_beverage:/s

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