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Open Clip Art Library [via Chimezie Ogbuji]

Also available via:

apt-get install openclipart

Also, at least in Ubuntu, you can say

apt-get install

to get it integrated in OpenOffice’s “Insert clip art” feature.

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In addition to the free Ubuntu font, the free ms TrueType fonts, and other goodies, here’s the ultimate package for everyone who uses OpenOffice, or has had to create a dashing poster/flyer/notice at short notice. Install openclipart using:...

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The Daily Grind 926

Late to bed and early to rise - business is good, but some sleep would be nice too. MySQL Connector/NET - Fully-managed ADO.NET provider for MySQL. Marked as both 1.0 and “development version” so probably you ought to test before staking your...

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“Get free stuff for Web design” “Get free stuff for Web design” Subtitle: Spice up your Web site with a variety of free resources from fellow designers Synopsis: Web developers can find many free resources, although some are freer than others. If you design a Web site or Web...

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