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For the Want of a Nail

_why: Camping is specifically geared for Architects of the Modern Age. Apart from that, its authentic wood-smoked hickory smell only attracts some feral cats. To these I say: mepw.

This should be fun to watch.  Tim is well known as a pedant.  I didn’t catch on at first that Camping was suitable to non-database installations.  On that very note alone, camping may be worth a look.

My issue is that there are a number of superficial signs that _why’s attention to detail appears to be somewhat... lacking.  His page supports a link to the W3C validator and claims XHTML 1.0 compliance, when the truth of the matter is that the page isn’t even well formed.  And we all know what Tim thinks about such people.  Similarly, _why’s feed sports some relative URI references, yet he chose a feed format for which such things will forever remain undefined.

Don’t get me wrong, I know plenty of good people who have no interest in XHTML, and can produce clean, non-funky, and workable RSS 2.0 feeds.  My only concern here is the informal heuristics that trying and failing provide.

And, truth be told, _why seems like the kind of chap who is up for a challenge.