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Clemens Vasters: empox v. (ĕm-pŏks)

  1. The act of adding POX endpoints to an application.

Will the application that is produced support ETags?

You need to look here for that:

The configuration file alone is driving me nuts...

Posted by Dilip at

mark@atlantis$ lynx -dump | grep etag | wc -l

Posted by Mark at

To be fair, that should be grep -i, but the result is still 0.

Posted by Mark at

That’s what I’ve heard. However I haven’t had time to install beta bits and confirm this myself.

Posted by Dare Obasanjo at

That’s what I’ve heard

I’m missing a bit of context.  What did you hear?  That the WCF RSS Toolkit Sample will or will not support ETags?

Posted by Sam Ruby at

I heard one could build an app that supported Etags with WCF. I also heard that the WCF RSS Toolkit Sample [currently] does not.

Posted by Dare Obasanjo at

Windows Communication Foundation RSS Toolkit

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