It’s just data


Jacques Distler: Unable to leave well enough alone, I tinkered some more with itex2MML.

I’ll join in the fun.  The CVS HEAD version of the Universal Feed Parser now supports “Jacques Distler’s subset of MathML”.

Take a look at this test feed.  MathML.  In RSS 2.0.  No declaration of xlink anywhere to be found.  It is not even well-formed XML (missing angle bracket on closing rss element).  No problem.

Of course, the well-formed, Atom 1.0, xhtml version is also supported.

These changes have also gone into my branch of planet (Note to Jeff, this can wait for a 1.1 or 2.0 release; please get a 1.0 out as soon as possible).

Jacques: what more do I need to do to make Planet Intertwingly itself support MathML?  Is it just a matter of a proper DOCTYPE and Mime type at this point?