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Nick Bradbury: So, may I suggest to anyone who offers multiple feed formats to stop doing this? Just pick a format - any format. If RSS does what you need, stick with it and dump your Atom feed. If you need the extra features that the Atom format offers, dump your RSS feed. Either way you’ll be fine, and your readers will be happier.  And if you’re just starting out, pick one format and forget about the other one. It doesn’t matter to your readers which one you choose, so there’s no need to agonize over the decision (and you can always switch to the other format later on).


This is also consistent with the Microsoft Best Practices.


The problem with a lot of projects that support multiple formats is that they don’t do justice to any of them. I have been tinkering on a personal project lately that will only support Atom, and support it correctly.

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I’d LOVE to pick one. In order for that to happen:

a) the wordpress folks should dump their politics and offer atom 1.0 support
b) someone at bloglines figure out how the heck to properly parse and atom 1.0 feed.

Until then....

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Darryl, I’m confused. You said “I’d LOVE to pick one.” Then you seemed to be stuck on Atom 1.0. Why is RSS 2.0 not an option?

Everybody else, let’s avoid the religion thingy. I’m asking Darryl. He’s god today.

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He’s god today.

My blog.  My rules.

I subscribe to a number of people who use WordPress and only provide valid Atom 1.0 feeds.  It can be done.

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Il ne doit en rester qu'un

Il y avait une question que je me posais toujours depuis le retour en ligne de ce blog : pourquoi continuer à fournir les fils sous deux formats différents ? Je suis d’ailleurs sur le point de trancher et de fournir de l’Atom 1.0 seulement. En...

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Darryl, there is a drop-in replacement that provides valid Atom.


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Multiple feed...Tangent.  This site doesn’t provide a main site feed from the individual post listing. Neither in auto (title=post title) or on-page RSS icon (title='subscribe').

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However!  Don’t do this:

<link rel="alternate" type="application/atom+xml" href="" />

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This thread is hysterical, because I remember the shitstorm that followed Google’s decision to offer Atom feeds to non-pro Blogger users... in lieu of RSS feeds.  IIRC, former Pro users could switch back to RSS, but they couldn’t have both.  People complained about that too.

Wordpress isn’t the only perpetrator here.  Movable Type ships with multiple feed formats on by default (at least it did the last time I looked, which was admittedly a while ago).  Roller Weblogger produces duplicate RSS and Atom feeds out of the box too.  (You can see this on  So does dasBlog.  (You can see this on  So much for "best practices.")

Anyway, if this is what it’s fashionable to complain about this year, then I’m all in.  I only produce Atom 1.0 feeds anyway, so I guess I’m ahead of the game.

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someone at bloglines figure out how the heck to properly parse and atom 1.0 feed

People are rapidly stopping caring about Bloglines anyway. Google Reader has picked up some of their slack, it seems.

Even so, although xml:base support is absent and various other things are more or less broken, Bloglines appears to at least render Atom 1.0 feeds correctly when they use type="html" rather than type="xhtml".

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Bloglines: the Netscape 4 of syndication.

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Pick ONE: Atom or RSS

Sam Ruby is talking about others talking about picking one feed. Since tools such as feedburner do the work to sniff what clients need/can grok, who cares about all of this stuff anymore? ;)...

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I always wanted to be a diety. Not.

Atom is a standard. A standard by every definition of standard that I’m comfortable with. I like standards.

It’s simple as that really.

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I always wanted to be a diety. Not.

Or a deity even.

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Sam Ruby: Pick ONE


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Pick one feed format

Nelson Minar recommends that the popular blog tools dump RSS and provide their feeds in one format, Atom. This echoes the best practice established at least two years ago when Nick Bradbury and Sam Ruby recommended choosing a single format for your...

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