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Cooperate on Standards...

Danese Cooper: So...I’m wondering how long it will take the various Linux distros to figure out that they can ship Harmony (as they ship Apache) pre-installed and ready to use (even while they continue to put Sun’s JRE in the “non-free” directory, where its still two clicks away from users).

The question isn’t whether there will be a fully-compatible implementation of J2SE 5.0 under an OSI license in two or three JavaOne’s from now; but rather one of how many, fully-compatible, implementations of J2SE 5.0, under an OSI license, there will be; and whether any of them will be ready by the next JavaOne.

The sun-java5-jdk is more than two clicks away.  And there is an additional click-through license agreement.  Clearly, that won’t stop users from installing it.  But it will stop developers from depending on it being there.

Developers like the ones working on Open Office.