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HTTP 2.0?

Mark Nottingham: that happens to be my current job description, so yes

Context: Yahoo, IETF/W3C, recruiting, WHATWG

Nooooooooooooooooooooo! :)

We’re just looking to use HTTP well (whether you call that “REST”, “Web-Style” or "HTTP Web Services), and maybe adding a few, small missing pieces here and there.

If you want HTTP 2.0, talk to Roy about Waka...

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I truly meant only it in the HTML 5.0 sense of the term.

If I can help in any way in incrementally improving HTTP and relates specs, I’m glad to be of service.  The mailing list you pointed me to seems somewhat... quiet.

That being said, I won’t participate in name-calling exercises.

As to the specific question, my experience is that the notion of a default HTTP charset is FUBAR.  IMO, HTML 4.0 got it right:

The HTTP protocol ([RFC2616], section 3.7.1) mentions ISO-8859-1 as a default character encoding when the “charset” parameter is absent from the “Content-Type” header field. In practice, this recommendation has proved useless because some servers don’t allow a “charset” parameter to be sent, and others may not be configured to send the parameter. Therefore, user agents must not assume any default value for the “charset” parameter.

The idea of an explicitly specified charset at the HTTP level, however, may still be salvageable.

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That’s great. You can help by just posting something to the list to that effect; if it isn’t said there, it won’t get in front of the right eyeballs.

As far as name-calling goes, I totally agree. Much thought, time, and bits have been wasted on this vs. that. Running code is much more interesting. Although I do admit to an occasional lapse, when I’m frustrated and lacking coffee.

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