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Howard M. Lewis Ship: Synergy allows me to use my desktop keyboard and mouse on both systems. The mouse travels off the left side of my desktop screen onto the right side of my laptop screen. Focus follows mouse, at least in terms of system-to-system, so I can type on one system (say, the desktop), move the cursor over to the laptop, and type into the active window there (without clicking).


In order to get a compatible version on Ubuntu, I followed Phil Crosby's instructions (Google cache):

sudo apt-get install libxtst-dev
./configure -x-includes /usr/includes -x-libraries /usr/lib --prefix=/usr
sudo make install

Being able to copy and paste from Windows/XP to Ubuntu rocks!

That’s just sooooooo cool. Thanks for pointing out this little gem.

Posted by Joachim Rohde at

I used it for a while, but I was disappointed that it didn’t seem to deal with disconnection/reconnection.  I was using it so that I could control my work desktop with my personal laptop’s bluetooth keyboard and mouse.

It worked great until the next day when I brought my laptop back.  Synergy would not reconnect.  I had to shutdown and restart the Synergy server/client on each machine to reestablish the connection.

That got old, and I eventually gave up.  I only use my desktop for Outlook anyway... so it wasn’t worth the effort.

Great for two desktops though.

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Hey Sam

Just noticed an error in my post when you quoted it.

The first line for the steps to install synergy should be:
sudo apt-get install libxtst-dev

I originally neglected “install”. Minor annoyance.

Posted by Phil Crosby at

Phil, fixed.  Thanks!

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Sam Ruby: Synergy


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Every so often, I see computer setups with multiple monitors hooked to a single computer, usually set up as a single very long desktop. You move the mouse to the edge of one monitor, and keep moving; the mouse then jumps to the other monitor. This...

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