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Planet Status Update

I’ve committed some fixes to Planet, relating to HTTP and feed status.

Functional changes include: HTTP 226 no longer causes entries to be marked as expired, HTTP 302 is no longer treated as a permanent redirect, and polling of feeds stop after recipt of an HTTP 410 status code — note PlanetPython is still polling long gone feeds from Mark Pilgrim.

Cosmetic changes include making this feed status available to templates, and the ability to identify feeds with no recent activity.  Tim Bray called the latter cruel, and by default this option is off.  But as Tim noted, it does motivate you to track down people who moved when you weren’t looking.

You can see feed status on HttpClientTests, which is based on Mark Pilgrim’s Aggregator client HTTP tests.  Hovering over the mini feed icons for 301 and 302 demonstrate that the former has been redirected, but the latter has not.

Looking at Planet Intertwingly, it appears that David N. Welton’s Atom feed hasn’t been updating, even though he has been posting.