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Inspired by Bloglines (*), which apparently in turn was based on work by Matt Kruise, I’ve added navigational key support to Planet Intertwingly and to the index and comments pages on my weblog.

Press ‘j’ to go to the next entry, or ‘k’ to go back to the previous entry.  The space bar will page down the screen (I get that 'for free').

I’ve tested it on Firefox and IE.  Despite following these instructions, the computed page offset always seems to be zero in Opera, rendering this script useless.

(*) Note: if you are an active Bloglines user, clicking on that link will have the side effect of marking all of your feeds as having been read.  However, if you do go there, you will see that the bug I reported has been fixed.

‘j’ brings me down one entry, but that’s it.  ‘k’ doesn’t work at all.  Firefox on WindowsXP.

‘space’ works, but is there something wrong with page-down/page-up? 

Also, how are you going to communicate these accesskeys to users so that everyone knows what j/k/space is supposed to do.

Also, your spell-checking is a little annoying.  Doesn’t recognize "Firefox"?

Ok, I’m done being annoying now...;)

Posted by Jeff Schiller at

Ah, your script seems to work but Firefox 1.5 has the annoying habit of forcing me to click in the web browser document before key-presses are handled.  So it’s click in window, press J, click in window, press J, click in window, etc.

I wonder if this is some bad extension I installed...

Posted by Jeff Schiller at

This conflicts with the accessibility feature “Begin finding when you begin typing” (Tools/Options/Advanced).  Your script fires and moves the focus on the page, then the autofind feature kicks in and starts finding from the newly focused link.

Posted by Mark at

Ah, Mark has beaten me to it. No solution instantly springs to mind.

Posted by Phil Wilson at

No solution instantly springs to mind.

How about “stop imitating thoughtless designers?”

Posted by Mark at

It thought this is what access keys were made for, and I also though it was flawed.

Posted by Federico at

How about:

Oh, and add Firefox to the dictionary

Posted by Sam Ruby at

Because using a mouse is just too hard!

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