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Planet Intertwingly

bzr get planet

Apply this patch

Download Universal Feed Parser 4.1

Edit config.ini

python config.ini


What’s the final result? I run a small planet based on an older checkout of one of those trees, with the older feed parser in it. I have a lot of trouble with atom feeds. Is the recipe above good for atom feeds?

Posted by Jon Dowland at

Sam: it would be courteous to add <meta name="robots" content="noindex,follow" /> so search engines do not index your aggregator as duplicate content.

Jon: Universal Feed Parser prior to 4.0 does not support Atom 1.0. Any version of PlanetPlanet using UFP &gt;3.x will do fine with Atom 1.0 feeds.

Posted by Aristotle Pagaltzis at

In addition, the patch mentioned above is required to properly support Atom 1.0 feeds.

Aristotle: for the moment, I’ve added a robots.txt.  I plan to rework the template significantly.

Posted by Sam Ruby at

Wonderful, thanks. My pet planet can finally handle atom feeds, so I shall finally make the switch :)

Posted by Jon Dowland at

I feel kinda stupid asking, since it must be obvious to everyone but me, but ...

Where’s the Atom feed for the planet?

Posted by Patrick Mueller at

Patrick: I haven’t publicized it yet, as I’m likely to make significant changes to it.  When I do publicize it, it will be auto-discoverable.

Posted by Sam Ruby at

Sam: That’s a patch I’d love to integrate (decent Atom output). ;-)

Posted by Jeff Waugh at

Sam Ruby: Planet Intertwingly

seems like here’s basic instructions for planetplanet to be atom-able...

Excerpt from at

So planet planet has provided me a nice little solution to a problem I’ve been too lazy to solve.  That is, how to get feeds downloaded onto my Palm Pilot for reading with iSilo.  Now, if I could only get bzr installed correctly on win32, I’d be off creating a bunch of planets ...  maybe someone can create a planet planet planets where I can create new planets on the web for my own nefarious purposes.  Or maybe James Snell can whip up a pipelined solution.

In the meantime, at least planet intertwingly has provided a nice aggregation of blogs for me to read during my daily walk.  Just took a couple of minutes to get the proper iSilo scraping formatting options set up.

Posted by Patrick Mueller at

Adding Atom support to PlanetPlanet

This weekend’s recreational programming project involved PlanetPlanet and ensuring that there is adequate support for Atom.  And there’s nothing like live data to help identify integration issues. It turns out that upgrading to the latest ... [more]

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