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Where's the toString in SOAP?

jonnay: All this jazz about HTTP error messages, methods beyond GET and POST, its all just good HTTP baby. It has very little to do with actual restfulness or not. All the HTTP conformance in the world wont mean a thing if your application stores client state on the server. You still won’t be RESTful.

I’ll add that there is a huge gap between “this particular application only needs GET and POST”, and “never use PUT”.

In all, it looks like my optimism of nearly three and a half years ago was largely unwarranted.

Service Oriented Architectures are fundamentally procedural.  Resource Oriented Architectures are object oriented.

Which defines more methods on the “Object” class: Java, C#, Python, Ruby or SmallTalk?  Is counting methods the way to determine which is the “best” language?  Note that each provides an equivalent of toString().  Where’s the toString in SOAP?

The web is all about Duck Typing.  If you can respond to HTTP GET, then I can work with you.