It’s just data

Recreational Programming

For recreation, some people like to do NY Times crosswords puzzles in ink.  Me, I like tackling small, incremental, computer programming tasks.  A few years ago, that was Gump, these days it is the Feed Validator.  And until I wrote that sentence, it hadn’t occurred to me how similar those two tasks are: the immediate goal of each is to get consumers and producers talking about interfaces, with the ultimate goal of improving plug and play.

As it happens, this particular morning I was coding up initial Feed Validator support for Media-RSS when Tim pings me via Google Talk to discuss a few Feed Validator issues.  I point to a section in an RFC, Tim points to another section, we both (re-)learn something, we both make changes, and we both deploy them.  Everybody’s happy.

Along the way, I discover that ''.encode('idna') returns '.' in Python 2.4 and '' in Python 2.4.2.  This is important as urljoin(baseURI,'') and urljoin(baseURI,'.') mean completely different things if the base is  Another lesson learned.  Another lesson committed to code.  And now the Feed Validator works the same on both my laptop and on