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FeedValidator now on Subversion

SourceForge: The Service Operations Group has completed the implementation of the Subversion service offering on

Thanks go out to Joe Gregorio for spotting this and doing the heavy lifting (a few button presses, apparently) to migrate the FeedValidator from CVS to Subversion.

Note: I would point to Joe’s post on the feedvalidator-users mailing list, but due to a ML services issue, the web archives aren’t being updated at the moment.

“due” to?

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Fixed.  Thanks!

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Feed Validator setup howto

(Update: The current version of these notes is now in the Feed Validator docs directory, updated to include the move to Subversion and with path setup much simplified by Sam.) With the RSS Advisory Board recommending the Feed Validator, and...

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Finally! I love subversion. This is very powerful tool, unlike cvs.

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Today I read on Ruby’s blog about moving feedvalidator on subversion. I’m glad, that more and more projects are moving from old csv system on powerful svn systems. Go ahead guys!...

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