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Phil Ringnalda: From now until the ambiguous time when “I’m satisfied” all my titles will include at least one less-than character, whether they need it or not

This has lead to my RSS comment feeds producing warnings, and I can’t have that.  So effective immediately, all my per entry and overall RSS comment feeds permanently redirect to equivalent Atom 1.0 feeds.

If your aggregator has problem with titles which are not markup, point them to these tests.

An ally! Together, we cannot be defeated by the giants!

Just... watch out for those huge turning blades they wear. Those are brutal, armor or no.

Posted by Phil Ringnalda at

I thought the Feed Validator warnings were for cases that need human review. The Feed Validator warns about markup in one of my Atom 1.0 titles as well, so how does redirecting to Atom help? I could argue that the Atom warning (“title claims to be inline, but isn’t”) is even more harshly worded that the RSS 0.91 warning (“title should not contain HTML”).

In both cases my markup is spec-wise correct as far as I can tell. (And neither <x> nor <y> could be confused for HTML by an AI-complete sophisticated DWIM machine. :-)

Posted by Henri Sivonen at

Henri: test case has been added, AI has been improved, message has been de-harshed.  All should be online later today.

Posted by Sam Ruby at

Cool. The Feed Validator is exceptionally responsively maintained. Thank you.

Posted by Henri Sivonen at


Tim Bray’s  statistics show a small but growing number of people prefer his Atom feed over his RSS 2.0 feed. As my weblog supports more feed formats, my data is a bit more spread out.  About 45% are subscribed to my RSS 0.91 feed, 10% to my RSS 1... [more]

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