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Title Conformance Tests

Phil Ringnalda: Results from a few testcases of various forms of escaping an Atom title which is not markup

I imagine that this is the first time many of these consumers have seen such tests.  Let’s see which ones improve over time, and which ones stagnate.

To allow for updates — and to give an opportunity for those who were not included in Phil’s original survey an opportunity to participate — let’s keep track here.

Atom Title

I hope everybody remembers why Atom exists? Some people didn’t like the way RSS was specified and decided they wanted a tighter spec. One of their biggest beefs was escaping of the <title> element in RSS. Atom promised to solve this problem....

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Atom <title> Fixed!

Both Dare Obansanjo and Nick Bradbury have checked in fixes to the Atom <title> issue. Could it be? Is the syndication community moving in a common direction? Time will tell....

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Who knows a <title> from a hole in the ground?

Results of some simple tests of Atom title escaping in several aggregators....

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