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Sam Ruby: Possibly as early as October, and certainly no later than the end of the year, these warnings will be converted over to errors.

The time has arrived.  Where there previously was only a general warning, you now get specific, element by element, and attribute by attribute indication of what needs to change to make your Atom feeds conform to RFC 4287.  You may also find this to be helpful.

The goal remains to make Atom 0.3 irrelevant by the time Windows Longhorn Vista is generally available.  Which according to the ever reliable and always authoritative Wikipedia is September 2006.

Now if we can only nudge the wordpress folks to take atom 1.0 seriously as of right now i believe that 1.0 is not even planned for wordpress 2.0.


Posted by Darryl at

The feed validator seems to be broken as of today.
Someone please crank it up again...

Posted by Thomas Gumz at

I do have an atom 1.0 feed, but as neither planet apache or bloglines like it, I think I’m going to stick to RSS as the primary source for some time...

Posted by Steve Loughran at

No kidding. Bloglines seems unable to fix their parser for any format.

Posted by Robert Sayre at

Thomas: what problem are you seeing with the Feed Validator?  It seems to be up now.

Steve: Planet Apache seems to do OK with my Atom 1.0 feed.  And if you use Bloglines, you might want to read this.

Posted by Sam Ruby at

Sam: I’m getting consistently the error:
“Sorry: An error occurred while trying to validate this feed.”

I can see that ‘’ contacts my server, but that’s about it. I just tried to validate your own feed at [link] , same problem.
Thanks for looking into it.

Posted by Thomas Gumz at

Thomas, try instead of atomenabled’s copy, and I will look into the problem on the atomenabled site.

Posted by Sam Ruby at

Bingo, [link] works fine. Thank you.

Posted by Thomas Gumz at

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