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OPML compatibility

Robert Scoble: Why aren’t Bloglines or Newsgator OPML Editor compatible?

Robert produced this OPML file with NewsGator.

He then went on to produce handcode this OPML file for use with the OPML Editor v10.1a2:

That’s not quite accurate. I hand-coded the second one starting with the one Bloglines made for me. I didn’t check to see if it validated, but it did open up in the OPML editor.

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Robert: updated, thanks!

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Raymond Kristiansen wrote a post ([link]) and made a screencast ([link]) that shows a workaround for this problem.

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OPML Compatibility

Robert Scoble: I kept trying to open my OPML file in the OPML Editor and it wouldn’t open. [cut] I tried both the OPML file that NewsGator exported as well as the one that Bloglines exported. Newsgator’s OPML file wouldn’t even open (gave me an...

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FWIW (not much, I know) OPML Editor is actually at version 0.62 (though the version you quote above might be the right Frontier version).

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This sort of feels like a “marketing” flaw for XML: it is said to be a human readable (and hence human editable) format (which it is) but for an human foobar and fooBar can mean the same, while for a case-sensetive reader both have different meanings. Now, the simplicity to read (and understand) most XML formats may lead to ignore the spec (e.g. to not read it) but to start creating documents based on a sample produced by someone else - and if this someone else did it the same way, we have some sort of “Chinese whisper”...

Anyway, I don’t know why I come up with this today and in response to this post, especially as I pretty much like XML and it case-sensetivity :)

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I have found, that when I have problems using my OPML file, I’ll first save it to disk as an XML file, and then use it that way. It’s worked for me at a few places I’ve tried. I don’t really know why, invalid code is invalid code, but it does. It’s really a shame that Newsgator doesn’t get it right. (I use Newsgator) It seems like it should be a simple fix.

On a side note, when I had to produce my own OPML file for something else, I couldn’t get it to work right. I was using my Newsgator-produced OPML as a reference, and didn’t catch my problems till I validated it, and consulted the spec for the correct way to do it.

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I love this topic. The web as it is....

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